Java EE Basic Training with Yakov Fain

Those of us that have been around Java/Java EE for a little while sometimes tend to forget that Java is still an ever expanding ecosystem with many newcomers. Fortunately, not everyone misses this perspective, including well-respected Java veteran Yakov Fain. Yakov recently started a free online video tutorial series focused on Java and Java EE for absolute beginners. The first few parts of the series focused on Java SE but now Yakov is beginning to cover the very basics of Java EE. In a recent video he covered:

  • The basics of the JCP, JSRs and Java EE
  • How to get started with GlassFish 4
  • The basics of Servlets
  • Developing Java EE/Servlets using Eclipse and GlassFish

The excellent video is posted below. The slides for the tutorial series generally are available here. If there are folks you know that would benefit from this content, please do pass on word. Even if you are an experienced developer, it sometimes helps to sit back and review the basics...

It's quite remarkable that someone of Yakov's stature took the time out to create content for absolute beginners. For those unaware, Yakov is one of the earliest Java champions and one would be very hard pressed to match his many contributions to the Java community. The tutorial demonstrates his continued passion, commitment and humility.


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