Java EE 7 discussions - live!

This was announced a few months ago and has been operational for some time now : Oracle-led Java EE 7 expert groups now have public discussions that anyone can follow. Simply go to the mailing list page for the javaee-spec project on and browse the archives.

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There, you'll find introductions from the expert group members, read early thoughts on how cloud/multi-tenancy will (or will not) impact existing APIs and how some would like to see it materialize as a profile. Antonio Goncalves also kicked off a discussion on configuration.

Keep in mind that this is all very early thoughts which most of you can safely ignore for the time being. But if you enjoy bleeding edge discussions and technology, you can follow similar conversations on all the other Java EE 7 JSRs (see jpa-spec or jax-rs-spec for instance).


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