Java EE 6 Specifications Approved by JCP

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Roberto tweeted and blogged soon after the news broke: all the remaining Java EE 6 JSRs passed the final ballot. For the umbrella spec the result is 12 YES, 2 abstain, 1 No - details for all of them : Java EE 6, Servlet 3.0, EJB 3.1, JPA 2.0, CDI, Connectors 1.6. Congratulation to Roberto and to all the spec leads, EG members and to all the community participants for this most important milestone!

Added - Voting Tally for all specs.

Coverage so far :
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As Roberto wrote in his entry, "The final release will happen on December 10, when GlassFish v3 will be available". The specifications become final when the corresponding TCKs and RIs are delivered and that is the target date. Exciting times ahead!

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