Java EE 5 SDK Update 8 Now Available


We have released an updated version of the JavaEE 5 SDK. Update 8 includes Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 and Java SE 6 Update 18 (download, release notes and instructions).

Note this is the GlassFish v2 / JavaEE 5-based release; we keep it going in parallel with the new GlassFish v3 / JavaEE 6-based release as it includes features like clustering and HA support (see Comparing v2 and v3).

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Glassfish has become one of the best JavaEE products, and arguably the most innovative one. It's definitely the server I would be using in many clients that ain't sold to IBM... if not impeded by the inertia of Tomcat and JBoss, which are the options everybody already runs, supports, and is used to develop for. Maybe the goodness of JavaEE6 features will serve as a good bait next time. ;-)

Today we just knew that the EU has cleared the Oracle/Sun deal, so I hope Oracle will have a good strategy going forward with Glassfish, considering that their "other" server is also a very respected product (I just played briefly with WLS, but liked what I could see).

Posted by Osvaldo Pinali Doederlein on January 20, 2010 at 10:55 PM PST #

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