Jan 22nd Webinar - ASAdmin, the CLI Console for GlassFish


This week's webinar is on Thursday, Jan 22th, 11:00 am PT. Jane Young (and guests) will provide an overview of ASAdmin, the GlassFish CLI console (v2, v3). Asadmin enables the same functionality in the GUI console but in a format that is often more adequate for automation. Asadmin has bee described as "GlassFish's hidden gem"...

Slides and other material will be posted to the Presentation Page; as usual, we encourage your participation through questions before or during the presentation via the companion chat. As usual, recordings of the presentations will be made available later.

Added - Due to technical difficulties I could not host the webinar and it will be rescheduled. It is currently penciled in for Thu, Feb 19th.


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