It's raining GlassFish 3.1 Cluster screencasts!

A couple of months back (soon after Milestone 3 was released), we published a "GlassFish 3.1 Admin Console" screencast which offered a glimpse at what centralized admin and clustering would look like in the GlassFish 3.x family. As recently as last week, another GlassFish HA video was published based on the more recent bits.

Earlier this week, Paulo released a detailed three-part screencast series in Brazilian Portuguese : [1], [2] and [3] based on these full instructions and instances running in virtualbox images and accessed via ssh. And finally we now have S├ębastien publishing a short (7-min) demo with GlassFish 3.1, a load-balancer and session failover from one node to another (and back) in 12-steps. Clearly S├ębastien decided to have a bit of fun in the post-processing of his video. Check it out!

Maybe we should start a competition for the best GlassFish 3.1 screencast and award prizes when the product ships? The GlassFish Youtube channel has more than 325 subscribers with close to 15K channel views and 60K upload views.  Subscribe to not miss any of the content; so far there are 60 videos.


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