Introducing Hubert - the new OpenSSO Community Lead


The OpenSSO Community has new leadership. SuperPat left Sun; for a new job at huawei (wikipedia), in the Cloud computing team that Geoff is building. The able replacement is a long-term member of the group, Hubert Le Van Gong. Hubert has his own blog and has been tracking recent developments there:

Deploying the OpenID2.0 Extension for OpenSSO
OAuth support: a summary of our work
Follow-up: Deploying the OpenID2.0 Extension for OpenSSO
OpenID for OpenSSO: Realm/RP Validation Supported

Still on the OpenSSO area, also check out Daniel's post on Federating to Salesforce CRM in Under 5 Minutes, which is in the same series as the earlier work on Federating to Google Apps with OpenSSO.


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