Interoperable Reliable Sessions in GlassFish


It is often said "Two is a company, three is a crowd". However in the recently concluded tri-part blog series by Bhakti and Mike on Sessions Management using WS-Reliable Messaging implementation in Project Tango, the third part makes the other two look better.

Part 1 shows how Reliable Sessions are supported using along with fully functional source code and instructions to run. In Part 2, Mike discusses the problems with them and why they can't be used in real-life applications. Part 3 discusses how this issue is resolved by slightly altering the application code.

And all of this in an interoperable manner with Windows Communication Foundation, which is the biggest value proposition of Project Tango after being a complete implementation of key WS-\* specifications. You can try Reliable Sessions by downloading GlassFish V2 build and follow the sample code and instructions in the blog series.


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