Initial Report on JavaEE 6 / GlassFish v3 Virtual Conference

Our JavaEE 6 / GlassFish v3 Virtual Conference was a great success - and a lot of fun.

I'm going to let Harpreet report on the detailed attendance numbers, but peak simultaneous (not total/aggregated) attendance at the keynotes was over 1400.

This is our first time, so I don't have comparison numbers, but it seems very good for an online presentation in mid-December!

The general feedback from attendees, presenters and chat participants was very positive and many people suggested us to do these more often. A couple of reports are here and here.

The most common questions have been: Will the recordings be available? (yes) How soon (hopefully within a couple of weeks) and How do I get them? (will notify people in the GlassFish registration mailing list, and will post at GlassFish Resources)


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