Improvements to GlassFish Launcher in GF v2 b26

Saturn V on LaunchPad

Byron reports good progress in the launcher situation for GlassFish. Up until now, the launcher arrangent was "convoluted" with multiple JVMs involved. This lead to difficulty in debugging, maintaining and slowness in both startup and specially in shutdown. All this has been addressed starting on b26. The new build dispenses with "launcher JVMs", starts faster and shutdowns much faster.

For the configuration that Byron describes, start-up of a domain node speed-up by a sec and a half (7.7 to 6.1) and shutdown by 5 (5.9 to 0.8); unfortunately another change slowed down the overall start-up, but that hopefully that will get fixed in later v2 builds. Check Byron's blog for more details.

Startup performance is still not what we ultimately want but stay tuned because Jerome has some very interesting numbers from early prototypes for GlassFish v3; I am sure you will like them!


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