Improved JCP Process... Building on Best Practices from JDOM to JAX-RS


In a recursive manner, the JCP Process (latest version is 2.6) is used to change the JCP process. The latest set of changes are a relatively small Maintenance Release on the original JSR 215. Check the Formal ChangeLog or see this Summary by Heather.

The changes are emphasizing transparency and reflect best practices followed by different EGs through the years. IIRC, the first EG that followed transparency at this level was JDOM (JSR-102), led by Jason Hunter. In more recent times, I think that Paul and Marc have done an excellent job with JAX-RS (JSR-311). I hope the improved rules will encourage many more good examples.


Thank you for the information.

Posted by Download on June 04, 2009 at 10:52 AM PDT #

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