Implementation for Latest JSF 2.0 - Now in the Update Center


The JSF 2.0 team last month released an implementation of the new JSF 2.0 PRD (see JCP vote) and an updated JSF 1.2.11.

The releases are available at the GFv3 Update Center (see, e.g., Mac) and can be installed using the stand-alone UpdateTool or the Admin Console. Let us know if you encounter any problems.

This implementation has all PRD features including the Declarative Events described by Jason, but the EG is still working on additional features like state management. A few others, like bookmarkable URLs, are still being discussed and may or not make it.


JSF 2.0 is BETA???
But what about supporting parameters in the EL?
According to issue 422 ( ) it should be included in JSF 2.0.
Mojarra implementation already has status public review and seems that JSF team going to skip the feature.
What about many other important things that seems also far from implementation?
Just take a look how many enhanced issues that have state "NEW" and must be implemented in JSF 2.0. And to prove that I'm not alone on this see the following comments from other people:
"I will vote NO on JSF 2.0 if you don't include HTTP GET. This should have been one of the top priorities in JSF 2.0. I've emailed the expert group several times asking about this, and emailed some members directly. Nobody will respond. This is not good communication from the JCP, and now it looks like they are dropping the #1 feature JSF developers want!"

"Ryan, you are not the only one watching the bookmarkable URL space. Seam filled it well, and I'll be extremely disappointed if it can' make it into JSF2.
If JSF2 cannot prove the pundits wrong (and satisfy us defenders of JSF), then I'll definitely be looking elsewhere. Nuff said."

My main point of this post to say that JSF leaders have demonstrated complete lack of leadership skills related to community.
JSF is slowly dying just take a look on traffic on JSF forum.

Even such simple thing as properly handle discussion related to Public Review it's too hard for JSF leaders. Is it really so hard to imagine that we need to know right away status about every important feature that supposed to be included in JSF 2.0.

Shall I say "The Emperor is naked!" ;)

My near term recommendations for JSF leaders:

1) read Seth Godin's book "Tribes" ( ).
2) provide clear and complete picture related to JSF 2.0 status and response on every related question and comments.
3) start to lead and communicate with JSF community

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