Hudson -- plugins for .NET... and more Testimonials

Here is a recap of recent Hudson news. On the plugin front, Kohsuke reports on Plugins for .Net, including for NAnt, MSBuild, NSUnit and FxCop. It will be interesting to see if the MS community is ready for a Java-based CI tool...

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I also did my usual pass to collect testimonials:

• Shawn Harstock on his methodology using Fit + Groovy + Hudson,
• Ben Hitchinson on a Java Continuous Integration Tool Roundup,
• Robert Keith on Extreme Continuous Integration,
• Paul Duvall on Continuous Integration is NOT about the CI server

Hudson wins in pretty much all the references where I've seen it considered; usually with extremely positive evaluations.

Also Hudson is now a Top Java.Net, being #2 in mail traffic, #2 in CVS commits, and #8 in absolute hits. Way to go, Kohsuke!


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