Hudson Growth - Plugins, Jobs, Eclipse

Hudson continues to show very nice growth; This post reports on three different indicators.


Seiji Sogabe recently did an analysis of the addition of new Hudson plugins, and the pace is accelerating: there were 55 new plugins in 2008, while half-way through 2009 we already are up to 44. Seiji represented this new created a chart to show this graphically in a chart, also shown to the left. See Kohsuke's post for an english version of Seiji's note.


The number of job offerings at where Hudson is listed is also growing. Unfortunately, "Hudson" is too common a term to search on it, so I approximated the growth trend by adding "Continuous" and "Integration"; the result is here. As a reference, I compared the growth with CruiseControl, using relative and absolute metrics. The results (absolute and relative) shows that CruiseControl has flattened while Hudson is growing.

Counting the actual number of jobs is harder, but an approximation suggests that CruiseControl still has more entries than Hudson, but not by much - see trend comparison, CC jobs (121) and Hudson jobs (97).


Finally, Kohsuke also reports on Adoption at Eclipse, where Hudson was the #1 CI tool, ahead of CruiseControl and Bamboo.

More Adoption indicators tagged Hudson+Adoption


I used to run CruiseControl. Until Hudson blew it's doors off!

Posted by Martin Fowler (not really!) on July 01, 2009 at 08:01 AM PDT #

We use and extend Hudson at SAP for one year now and we just got the (internal) approval to contribute some of our changes and plugins to the Hudson project. Let's see if more companies will follow...

Posted by Alexander Link on July 02, 2009 at 10:56 PM PDT #

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