Hudson Commercial Support From Sun


Kohsuke and I have been hinting at this for a while (and we pre-announced it at JavaOne) and now it is official: reflecting the continued growth of Hudson Adoption, Sun now provides Commercial Support for Hudson.

Formally speaking, the offer is part of the Recently Announced WebStack 1.5 and you buy it via the GlassFish Portfolio Offering. In a nutshell, we are providing sustaining support, with priority treatment for bug fixes filed by customers. We also can provide consultative support for people interested in, say, creating private plugins or improving their internal Agile processes. Kohsuke has collected all the key pointers into this Summary Page.

Additional links include the Features in the Offer, Terms of Support (bottom of main page) and Service-Level Agreement (bottom of main page). As always, we appreciate your feedback to help us continue to improve Hudson and Sun's offerings.

Added - Reports from the web:

• Our team in Hungary


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