Hudson Coffee Mug, Book, Eclipse Plugin, Groovy, Python, and many happy users

I have not done a spotlight on Hudson in a while and there is a lot to mention, so this note is full of links:

Hudson Coffee Mug

• Goodies: New Eclipse Plugin, FindBugs, Start/Stop Scripts
• Goodies, 2: Sventon, Python, Groovy
• Adoption: New Chapter, testimonials in Spanish, French, Japan and elsewhere
• Kind words: Hudson Rules! and This is good stuff. Check it out!
• Kind words, 2: SDTimes Editor and Informal Poll
• Getting Ready for SailFin: Blog, Live Report Page
• Getting Ready for GlassFish v3: Port Allocator

And, if you want to show (off?) your support, go visit the CafePress Store


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