Hudson is Numero Uno -- And Other Adoption Roundup

Hudson was an easy "NĂºmero Uno" in a recent CI Poll. The top three vote getters were:

Web 2.0 Logo with 'Numero Uno'

• Hudson - 78
• Continuum - 55
• CruiseControl - 31

Totally unscientific, but still the gap is large enough to suggest large adoption. Anecdotally, I keep bumping into Hudson use at Sun (and MySQL) customers. And the download numbers keep growing.

Some more News and Adoption Roundup:

• Progress with I18N
• Hudson destined to Distros: FreeBSD and OpenSUSE and OpenSolaris
• More Projects Using Hudson - GlassFish SailFin, Apache Jackrabbit
• A System Tray for Hudson
Voice Control with Hudson and Using Variables to Identify Builds
• Kind Words - Nice!, Awesome!, Groovy!
• Writing a Plug-In, a multi-part series: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6-tbd] and [7-tbd]


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