Hudson Adoption Increasing

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Hudson, the build monitoring tool, seems to be gaining adoption very nicely. John just published a JW article evaluating 4 open source continuous integration tools and Hudson was one of them (also see his blog). Kohsuke is continuously adding features and recently has been focusing on Plugin Support, an approach that has worked very well in JAXB.

There are a number of production deployments of Hudson. GlassFish and NetBeans use it for different tasks (see here and here) and the traffic at the USER mailing list for the project is growing very rapidly. Users seem happy, as this one Switching from Anthill; his production details are worth a read, he has 400 jobs.

BTW, browsing through the list I found a 2004 article on eXtreme Feedback, a variation of Mark Weiser's Ubiquitious Computing initial work at Xerox PARC. Perhaps the time has come for things like this. It certainly would make sense to have this integrated with text messaging like SMS.


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