How we Lost and Regained WS Performance -- JAXB Performance Tips

Performance is hard to gain and easy to loose.

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Last year we designed a New Architecture for the Web Services stack in GlassFish. The results are very nice ([Interoperability with MS], [FastInfoset Support], [Multiple Transports]) and the performance numbers just before JavaOne were very promising, but we got distracted and didn't run our performance regression tests and... you guessed, we had a substantial performance regression.

The good news is that this regression was easy to do fix: Kohsuke just posted two Simple JAXB Performance Tips that seem to have restored most of the performance (and Sameer reinforces that). The root lesson is also simple: always run your Regression Tests; this time we were lucky, the next time the problem may be architectural and harder to fix.

The new WS stack should show in GF V2 M1; I believe that the Project Tango functionality will show incrementally shortly after that. And we still Encourage your Participation in this WS stack.


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