How To Use TheAquarium (and Cheatsheet on Roller URLs)

(May 2011: note that all the URL's below should redirect to the new domain)

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We started TheAquarium on Nov 30th, 2005. Some time after that I wrote a Brief Guide to TheAquarium, but over time (and over 1160 entries), the format has changed, so time for a quick update.

The biggest change is a big reduction and a reinterpretation of categories and the adoption of tags. Items are now placed on the category that most closely matches the community that generate them, while we are using tags quite aggressively to cluster the items themselves. The most popular tags are found on the right hand side of the blog pages; a full list can be found at the Search Tools page.

Tags can be used to retreive News and Feeds, and multiple tags can be used. The structure of the URLs was standarized in Roller 3.1 (see Roller Wiki Proposal); here is a cheatsheet:

•  TheAquarium WebLog -
•  Corresponding RSS feed -
•  Entries for a given category
•  Corresponding RSS feed -
•  Entries with given tags -
•  Corresponding RSS feed -
•  A specific entry -
•  Entries for a given month -
•  Entries for a given day -

We use the tag frontpage to indicate news that are specially worthy. For example, here is a feed to all the front page news about glassfish. Note you may encounter some old entries that have not been tagged properly yet as we are converting them to tags lazily.

Feeds are available in both RSS and Atom formats. The examples above use RSS but to get the Atom feeds just replace rss with atom in the URLs.

Finally, you may want to also track our new blog on Adoption Stories (corresponding RSS feed).


•  Feed on all comments:
•  Feed on TheAquarium comments:


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