How to Run a Top eCommerce Site on GlassFish - the Wotif.COM Story

Wotif Logo provides cheap last-minute hotel reservations in over 35 countries and it is specially popular in Australia, New Zeland and nearby locales (see this article). The site has been using OpenSource products for a while but they just switched to GlassFish - see Jamey's Adoption Story.

Wotif is a particularly interesting site: their production servers support around 10,000 concurrent sessions and the site averages almost one million users, who make over 110,000 bookings each month; I'd say that means GlassFish is ready for production! Wotif uses ehCache for caching over horizontally scaled hardware, is using Sun's v40z boxes and complements the community support for GlassFish with Sun's commercial support offering.

More details are available at Jamey's Story and at the detailed Adoption Questionnaire. And, if you are interested in the past history of the site, check the Netcraft Report.


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