Hands-On Java EE and AJAX

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SDN is doing a series of articles on Hands-On Java EE and they are starting with AJAX. Mark and Rick are planning 4 articles in increasing complexity and so far have published two: the first one deals with Do-it-yourself, where the developer uses JavaScript and DHTML directly, while the second shows how to Use a Toolkit focusing specially on using the Dojo Toolkit, which is what Sun has standarized around.

In a related, longer, article, Mark and Ed provide a fairly complete review of the AJAX Design Strategies covering the two shown in the previous articles (do-it-yourself and client-side toolkit) as well as four others: a server framework like JSF or others, jMaki wrappers, Remote Invocation like DWR, and a pure-java like GWT.


Hello: I have two years java experience.i eager to enter this project for updating my skill.thank you

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