Grizzly secrets revealed

Performance image

If you've ever had to deal with Java performance tuning, you probably know about a few supported and maybe unsupported JVM tuning flags. Jeanfrancois "Grizzly" Arcand has a set of options for you when it comes to the Grizzly configuration (most are actually startup VM properties).

Here are my top picks (all apply to GlassFish v2):
• HTTP compression
• Comet support
• snooping support (I just like logging options)
• Asynchronous Request Processing
• Resource Consumption Management

As always and similarly to the JVM tuning case, the problem with having many options to choose from is to have methodology and good reasons to try them out. With greater power comes greater responsibility.

On the topic of Grizzly, there's a short article on JavaLobby for its 1.6.1 recent release.


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