Grizzly now Supports Comet: Server-Pushed Data for AJAX Apps

Impact on the Comet

Last week I wrote about Comet, a new term for using long-lived HTTP connections to push data from the server to a browser client. This technology is very useful to reduce the staleness of browser data, and Alex has a nice Presentation on Low Latency Data. As promised, JeanFrancois now has an Implementation of Comet for GlassFish, using the NIO-based Grizzly Connector.

The Comet Support should be out in the next build of GlassFish v2 (b10 - should be out next week) and was used in a recent jMaki-based implementation of chat-in-a-browser. JeanFrancois promises to post the chat widget very soon and we will do a longer review then; in the meantime, check JeanFrancois's blog.


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