Grizzly Comet and IceFaces

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Since this previous post showing early work on integrating ICEFaces and GlassFish v2, version 1.6.1 of ICEFaces 1.6.1 was released with support for GlassFish v2 (see ICEfaces Deployment Instructions for SUN Glassfish V2).

This time, Ted blogs about preliminary integration between ICEFaces' AJAX Bridge and Grizzly Comet, leveraging its asynchronous request processing (ARP) implementation to provide better scalability with many connected clients.

This requires pre-releases of both ICEFaces (1.7DR2) and GlassFish (v2.1ur1). Jean-Fran├žois' related post explains how to integrate the more recent Grizzly 1.0.18 into GlassFish v2 in you do not wish to use a v2.1 UR1 promoted build.


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