Grizzly 2.0 Started - Alexey and JFA


Alexey has taken over the lead development role for Grizzly 2.0 - with JFA's guideance - and he has started working on Grizzly 2.0. This arrangement will increase our investment in Grizzly while leaving some extra time for JFA to start a new related project (stay tuned).

Grizzly 2.0 will build on 1.x and is planned for the end of CY08 - to be included in a GF v3 release. Check out the Roadmap, Draft, Discussion and Alexey's Announcement.

I need to learn more about Russian nicknames, names, patronymics, etc (see Alexis)... although I should not complain, did you know that Paco and Pancho are Francisco or that Pepe is José? :-)


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