Grizzly 1.5 Architectural Review Today

Poster for Project Grizzly, the movie

There will be an architectural review for Grizzly 1.5 in a couple of hours, at 9am US PST time (GMT-7). Jean Francois promises slides covering the migration from Grizzly 1.0 to Grizzly 1.5. If you are interested and can make the time, the details for the conference call are in Jean Francois's blog.

I hope we will do many more public architectural reviews as part of the GlassFish v3 effort. Sun's old traditional review process uses synchronous face-to-face meetings, supplemented with concalls for remote participants, while some open source groups, like Apache, rely exclusively on mail threads.

The biggest challenge is to find the way to be public, inclusive (of distance - both geographic but, most important, Time Zones) and effective. if you have ideas and/or experience, please share them...


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