More GreenFire from Adam

GreenFire dashboard

As expected, and in conjunction with the OOP 2008 Conference, Adam Bien has pushed GreenFire forward by releasing code and a presentation.

As a reminder, the GreenFire project manages, controls, and reports on Heating Systems. It uses GlassFish, Shoal, and Sun SPOTS. Adam explains that this Java EE 5 application "was developed on JBoss and ported to GlassFish afterwards in few minutes". The Front-end technology can be JavaFX, RSS, or JSF.

This all sounds like a wonderful application to support teaching of Java EE. More details on GreenFire here.


This is great news that Shoal is employed for such an application. Waiting to hear the success story on this. :)


Posted by Shreedhar on January 25, 2008 at 04:17 AM PST #

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