GlassFishVideos Adoption Growth

I like graphs, as you know... so I thought I'd share 3 with you about GlassFishVideos, our official GlassFish YouTube channel.

The first chart shows daily views ('uploads') since inception in late July.

As you can see, the general trend is quite positive, with spikes as interesting content is uploaded. Total accumulated views is 57,162. We currently have >50 videos, while subscriptions are healthy at 281, with only 2 folks that have unsubscribed. Most of the viewers are from embedded videos (in blogs), but this is growing less over time.

The second chart shows the relative geographic distribution of the audience.

The data is relative to the other YouTube views; so, for example, the US, India and Germany all show 0.1, which is pretty good. Next in sequence are the UK, Switzerland, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Poland and France. Very nice to see the BRI(C) countries - minus China.

The third chart shows views for RedHatVideos (top) and GlassFishVideos (bottom).  Goals help focus actions, so my target has been to overpass RedHatVideos. Still some to go, but the gap is closing... :-)

Go Fish!


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