GlassFish with ECC (Eliptic Curve Cryptography) Support! Faster, Safer!

A graph of an elliptic curve

Do you want security with the purchase you just did through your mobile? If so, learn about Elliptic Curve Cryptography (Wikipedia, Overview@Sun, ECC and IETF, SunLabs) as it significantly reduces the computational requirements needed to encrypt content. The latest news on ECC are Shing Wai's detailed instructions on How to Enable ECC in GlassFish / SJS AS 9.0. Do not miss this brief comment at the end:

A preliminary benchmark of HTTPS with ECC in GlassFish on the Windows XP platform shows that the performance of ECC is double that of RSA...

Also see ECC support in Sun's Web Server and ECC support in Java.

PS. I had missed an interesting entry by Shing Wai: Using SSL for EJB; you may want to also check that one out.


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