GlassFish V3 TP Build Updated

Jerome announced the availability of GlassFish V3 Technology Preview 1, Build 2. Here are the highlights:

GlassFish V3

• Admin commands are now discovered at runtime.
• HK2 injection manager now supports more annotations.
• Automatically discovery of drivers by the Persistence provider.
• All content types defined in domains/domain1/config/default-web.xml.
• Install GlassFish V3 as Ruby Gem.

You can download the Binary Build or Build From Source and then follow the Quick Start Guide to get started. You can also view the screencast to see how the HK2-based kernel starts in less than one second. The slides of the technical session (TS-6503) at JavaOne 2007 tells you about future plans. From an Earlier Spotlight, post all your GlassFish V3 related questions to DEV@GF and USERS@GF mailing lists. Technical discussions for the nucleus (HK2, Grizzly) of GlassFish V3 are on NUCLEUS@GF.

I'll do a follow up post once more details are available.


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