GlassFish v3 Technology Preview - Now Available

Photo of K2

Jerome presented GlassFish v3 yesterday at GlassFish Day. It was the last session of the day and it was very hard core and, yet, the room was 3/4th full and the guy in front of me started clapping a couple of times. I have not seen many blogs about the session (yet?) but Leroy K liked it too.

All good signs for the next generation GlassFish, and you can join in too. The first GF v3 TP is Now Available. Check the Wiki page which includes Build and Development Instructions and Samples.

I just checked and I see that HK2 has not included the new GF Project Look; I'll remind Jerome or Kohsuke. Also see our Earlier Spotlight.

Thanks to Tim for the links!

Added - I forgot to point out that Jerome et al are doing two presentations on GF v3 at JavaOne this week. There is a BOF this (Tuesday) evening at 9pm (BOF-6678) in Esplanade 301 and then the TS is Thursday afternoon at 2:50 (TS-6503) Espanade 307-310. I believe the BOF is sold out.


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