GlassFish v3 Prelude Now Available; Webinar on Nov 6th

Earlier today Paul Announced the availability of GFv3 Prelude ([1], [2]). Work conflicts didn't let me host the usual webinar today and we have the US elections early next week, so we have delayed the webinar until next Thursday, Nov 6th.


Since there is a lot of new material in GF v3 Prelude, instead of our usual format we are arranging a day of mini-webinars, each 10 minutes. We will broadcast through TheAquarium Online, with recordings to be made available afterwards.

I'm currently planning to start a batch of presentations at 8am US Pacific and another at 1pm US Pacific, repeating the overview presentations but varying the rest of the content. The time spread should make the event more accessible to the global audience, and the recordings should handle any conflicts.

I expect to post an updated Schedule of Talks over the weekend, as the details are settled.


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