GlassFish v3 Monitoring - DTrace, REST and More...


Prashanth has written a detailed description of the new monitoring framework in GlassFish v3, which includes descriptions of the basic concepts of probes, probe provider and probe listeners.

Probe providers include both class-based and XML-based providers, where the framework will automagically create a provider without requiring modifications to the existing code. Probe listeners are called from the providers to produce the desired information; for example statistics are generated by StatsProviders.

Prashanth's note also describes how to expose the probes to DTrace and to a OS-agnostic scripting client, and how this is used by different clients, including: JMX/AMX, REST, the Admin console and asadmin. Overall, a great overview - check it out.

PS. I was on vacation last week, just catching up now and I missed announcing the JavaEE 6 and GF v3 webinar from this morning; from what John told me and what I read in the Twitter posts, it was very successful: more than 4K subscribed, and over 1200 attended.


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