GlassFish v3 JavaOne Scripting demo revealed


Arun has a blog entry up announcing the availability of the JavaOne '08 "TicTacToe" demo from the glassfish-scripting site. The source code for the Java EE, Rails and Grails applications are all available along with some documentation.

What makes this demo interesting is GlassFish v3's fast startup, dynamic behavior (loading the web container, the JRubyOnRails or the Groovy runtimes on demand), but also how multiple applications written in different languages and frameworks can be hosted in the same environment while sharing things such as a comet context.

Arun and the team are taking feedback on or on the GlassFish WebTier Forum. If this scripting topic is of interest to you, you should probably follow Vivek's blog, the Scripting for GlassFish lead.


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