GlassFish v3 demo detailed

GlassFish v3

Bobby has a detailed post about his GlassFish v3 demo during the Sun Tech Days conference keynote a couple of weeks ago in Boston.

It is similar to the demo Jerome (the GlassFish architect) put together in this screencast, but it also goes into NetBeans 6 Ruby support and V3 plugin, as well as JRuby's new GlassFish gem. Obviously, the modular architecture, very fast startup time, and having multiple containers all accessing Java's libraries such as JPA, JAX-WS or others were the key messages. GlassFish is set to no longer be "just" a Java Application Server.

The details about GlassFish V3 plans are here. Support for Java EE 6 is one of the many goals as explained in Tom Kincaid's slide deck from the keynote.


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