GlassFish V2, Transparency and Continuous Feedback

Duke for Project GlassFish - V2

GlassFish V2 targets an agressive number of New Features, but we recognize that ultimatedly the success and usefulness of this project depends on a very strong GlassFish Community and we are committed to strengthen it. There are many aspects to that, a couple are transparency of the whole release and continuous feedback.

Regarding transparency, you should have noticed the New Community Wiki that has all our plans and Milestone Roadmap. You may also have noticed a substantial increase in traffic in the DEV mailing list, including the recent messages from Dirhu, the GF V2 technical lead describing the public Review of New Features in GF V2 and Tracking New Features in GF V2.

There are many aspects to acheive a continuous process, one of them is to provide usable milestones that the community can use, evaluate, and provide feedback on. And, on that, check Sridatta's mail on Goals for GF V2 M2.

We know this is an ongoing process, so please be patient while we improve things, and help in any way you can.

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