GlassFish v2 FCS - Metro 1.0 is Out

Paris Metro

Metro 1.0 is the WS stack used in GlassFish v2 FCS. They also released on Monday and they are having their own mini-blogfest:

Metro 1.0 Overview, by Kohsuke.
Metro Core - JAX-WS RI Technical Details, by Vivek.
WS-Policy in Metro, by Fabian.
Tango FCS - Ready for production Use, by Harold.
WS Reliable Messaging Overview, by Bhakti.
Custom Security Policy Assertions in Metro, by Ashutosh.

The team has also recently upgraded the Project WebSite so check it out for more information on how to use Metro, either in its native habitat (GlassFish) or on Apache Tomcat.


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