GlassFish v2 beta 2 is out

GlassFish v2

The GlassFish v2 beta 2 bits are now available.
For the curious out there, it's build 41d (beta 2 candidate 5).

New in GlassFish v2:
•  Clustering, Load Balancing, High Availability (HA)
•  Microsoft interoperability with Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT)
•  Improved Performance
•  Next-generation Web with Ajax, Scripting, and RESTful Web services

New in Beta 2:
• Fixed many bugs between beta1 and beta2
• Fixed performance issue with in-mem replication feature
• Admin GUI is now fully feature complete
• More modules in GF update center

Schedule: Final release date (latest estimate) is September 17th.

Tools: The recommended NetBeans version is 5.5.1 (RC1) although NetBeans 6 Milestone 9 also bundles GlassFish v2 beta 2.



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