GlassFish v2 b11 and v1_ur1 b05 builds available

Duke for Project GlassFish

GlassFish v2 b11 has been promoted. GlassFish v2 contains bug fixes and new functionality; highlights of this build include the ability to Use the JSR-199 Java Compiler APIs from the JSP compiler, more details from IssueTracker and the Bug Database.

The final version of the first GlassFish release was GF v1 M7; the latest update release with important bug fixes is GlassFish v1 UR1 b05; see Announcement, IssueTracker and the Bug Database for a list of bugs fixed.

Binary and sources are available for both the Application Server and the Java Persistence API (TopLink Essentials); see the v2 B11 download home page, the v1 UR1 b05 download home page and the Java Persistence API home page. See this blog for more information on which build to choose.

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