GlassFish v2, 64-bit and default VM

Duke Performance

Here are a couple of things that change with GlassFish v2 which should trigger better out of the box performance:

•  GlassFish v2 supports 64-bit and thus can have a VM with terabytes of heap (see Performance Tuning Guide).

•  The GlassFish v2 configuration no longer has an explicit -client switch for better startup time in development mode. This means that Ergonomics will kick in to determine which is best, client or server VM. Read more here.

•  GlassFish v2 also supports Java 6. Performance benefits are almost immediate and free (no code change, no recompile or redeploy). The use of JSR 199 by the JSP compiler is one of the benefits. The SPECjAppServer number is another one.


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