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Nazrul has a put together a nice introduction to the GlassFish Update Center (which is new in GlassFish V2). As one example of the Update Center's power and simplicity, Nazrul shows how you could use it to turn your GlassFish instance into a full Java EE 5 SDK bundle with just one click.

In addition to the Java EE 5 SDK components, there are lots of other interesting packages in the catalog already. They include Open ESB, Access Manager 7.1, Portlet Container, and the Sun Web Developer Pack.

Give it a try. And don't forget that if you share your experiences with some aspect of GlassFish V2 (like the Update Center), you could win a beautiful new 52-inch TV!


sounds like a good single delivery mechanism. why have separate glassfish and J2EE SDK downloads anyway?

Posted by Alexis MP on May 26, 2007 at 03:17 AM PDT #

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