GlassFish Tips and Links #13: CDI Events, EJB Timers, Play Framework, WAS and Geronimo and more...

Recent Tips and News on Java EE 6 & GlassFish:

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TOTD #145: CDI Events - a light-weight producer/consumer in Java EE 6
TOTD #146: Understanding the EJB 3.1 Timer service in Java EE 6
Spring 3 on a Java EE 6 server
Play 1.1 Supports GlassFish
• NetBeans RCP and GlassFish - Comment from Tim.

GlassFish Adoption Stories

HHS Connect sets standards for sharing medical information - From NHIS project.


WAS 8 Beta with JavaEE 6 Support
• And Geronimo 3 also close to JavaEE 6 Web Profile.
• More Hudson adoption: VMWare Code2Cloud.


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