GlassFish Swims to Brazil in April

Photo of Elis Regina

We have started giving GlassFish presentations in Many Places Around the World and in April Jean Francois will visit Brazil.

Jean Francois first travels to the south-most tip of Brazil, to Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul) for FISL 8.0 (April 12 to April 15). Then he goes to Sao Paulo (SoutEast Region) for Sun TechDay Sao Paulo (April 18 to April 20)

Jean Francois will be talking about Grizzly and the rest of GlassFish v2. I believe he is already receiving requests to visit local JUGs but he may have some extra time; contact him directly if you are interested in taking advantage of his travel plans.

The picture is of Elis Regina, born in Porto Alegro. Years ago a friend of mine gave me a copy of Elis and Tom, her Album with Antonio Carlos Jobim, and it was one my favorite bossa nova recordings for many years.


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