More GlassFish Stories (from Brazil) - Logicstyle/EGESA Engineering & CEjug

Logicstyle CEjug

Arun's recent trip to Brazil was productive in generating GlassFish "stories". You can now read about them on those two entries:

"CEJUG - Manage your JUGs using GlassFish"
"EGESA Engineering avoids framework explosion with Java EE 6"

Both entries come with detailed questionnaires intended to share further details from these GlassFish production users with the rest of the community. In both cases Java EE 6 and GlassFish 3 were carefully chosen to fit the bill with little to no additional frameworks or third-party libraries. CDI, EJB, and JSF are all put to work in these ISV and community uses of GlassFish in production.


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