GlassFish Roadmap v2.1/v3 - An update

The Road Ahead

It's time for another update on the various GlassFish releases roadmaps. Harpreet Singh has just posted a updated draft schedule for GlassFish v2.1, the next major public release of the v2 branch (as of this writing, the current public release is v2ur2).

While GlassFish v2.1 is scheduled to ship in its final version in December, the team is also working on the v3 branch and will actually ship the v3 prelude release (Roadmap) in a couple of months (we just passed code freeze).

Let's not forget to mention the "patch" releases for customers with a GlassFish subscription. GlassFish 2ur2 Patch 2 is the latest release there. You can follow these releases tailored for production usage on the GlassFishForBusiness. Finally, Sailfin V1 alpha shipped recently. This version is aligned with v2.1 mentioned at the beginning of this note.



could you provide further clarification on JEE6 and Glassfish, as to the Reference Implementation:

- what is the status of the final draft language?

- what is the timeline of JEE6 release?

- how will Glassfish be released for production use?

basically, i am looking at the JCP site, under JSR 316, and don't see any update since the 2007 vote, and wonder what is available to vendors and the public about JEE6 and how that impacts Glassfish v.3 timeline...

Posted by douglas dooley on August 16, 2008 at 05:27 PM PDT #

Hello Douglas,

I'm not privy to the Java EE 6 EG discussions (I'll ping the spec leads) but I'd say that the bulk of the work is happening in the various JSRs (JSF 2.0, JAX-RS, etc...).

We'll soon do more explanation on GlassFish "Prelude", but it's more than a tech preview, rather a fully supported product albeit not Java EE 6 (just a few preview features from the Update Center).

If you look at the v3 schedule link I provided, you'll see the schedule for "GlassFish v3 JavaOne 2009" which is aiming at Java EE 6 certification (clearly a release driver).


Posted by Alexis MP on August 16, 2008 at 06:34 PM PDT #

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