Free Training and Webinars - Benefits of GlassFish Registrations

When you download and install the GlassFish Server we ask you to consider registering. We use this to learn about how and where people use GlassFish, and also to distribute special offers. Here are two typical examples:


Free Training - A free 90-day offer for these web-based courses: WMT-SAS-1536, WJ-4112-EE5, WMT-SAS-1543, WMT-SAS-2544, WMT-SAS-2545, WMT-SAS-2546. There is also a promotional 25% off for the admininistration training bundle, and others - see Full Details.

Free Webinars - We recently hosted a free online Webinar on High Availability (e.g see this old registration link). The webinar was very popular; see John report. We will host other webinars, so stay tuned (and register!).

As an update, as of this morning there have been over 330K registrations of GlassFish Servers: 294,501 for GFv2 and already 39,138 for GFv3.


My first touch with GF,but it will be important to me.

Posted by Bill Zheng on January 15, 2009 at 01:21 PM PST #

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