GlassFish Virtualization Prototype

In the GlassFish team, not only do we like prototypes, we also like to share them to gather feedback. More than three years ago, we shared this first GlassFish V3 modularity screencast.

This was more than a year before we shipped GlassFish "Prelude" and there was no OSGi at the time in the product (and we were still using CVS!).

This time, GlassFish architect Jerome Dochez is back with a provisioning prototype which he presented during the "Future of Java EE" keynote at the recent Devoxx conference in Antwerp, Belgium.

So check out this short video (4 min) and tell us what you think. You can also download the movie from this URL for offline viewing.

As spec lead Roberto Chinnici stated in his JavaOne Technical Keynote, "we all have The Cloud hanging above our heads" and that will be a major focus for Java EE 7 (more in another post). While Java EE 7 can be seen as far away, we don't need to wait and innovation can happen at the implementation level and this is what this GlassFish virtualization demo is all about.

In this screencast, Jerome shows how GlassFish was enhanced to provision virtual JeOS-based GlassFish images on an Ubuntu/KVM environment. The creation of virtualized clusters and instances is done via asadmin commands and translates into VMs appearing in the virtual manager. Once provisioned the virtualized and distributed cluster can be started with existing GlassFish commands. Of course, this does not need to be Ubuntu and/or VM and can be extended to other operating systems and hypervisor/virtualization technologies.


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