GlassFish Podcast new episodes - JAX-RS and more to come

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We've decided we will now use the GlassFish Podcast as an additional channel to broadcast the "Aquarium Live" presentations. Expect the presentations to make it on the podcast somewhere between a few days to a week or two after the broadcast.

The most recent episode is Marc Hadley's brief JAX-RS introduction from January 15th, 2009, and the Q&A session that followed. Expect more episodes in the days and weeks to come (Paul Sandoz on Jersey, one Sailfin, another one on the 2.1 release, etc...).

You can subscribe to the podcast using the syndication link, by searching for "glassfish" on the iTunes online store (if that's what you're using), or simply by visiting From the previous 17 episodes, the majority of listeners come from iTunes, then Google Fetcher, then other podcatchers such as or gPodder.


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