Thanks for all the (Glass)Fish!

Eduardo celebrating 5 years of GlassFish!

As you've probably read in this recent post, Eduardo is moving on to new adventures. While he has been mostly visible as the editor in chief of this blog, Eduardo was also a key contributor to the GlassFish project and I believe I can speak for the entire team and thank him for his commitment getting the community off the ground some five years ago and driving it to places where most of us didn't think we could go.

Kudos to you Eduardo!

While we'll miss Eduardo, the community is now vibrant and the team at Oracle remains focused on keeping the communication channel wide open and maintaining the quality posts here on TheAquarium as one example of that. Of course we are also as committed as always to delivering a standards-based and innovative product to all our users starting with a fully-clustered GlassFish 3.1 real soon now.

As you may have seen, in addition to recent new faces, Oracle is hiring for GlassFish. Beyond the great team of engineers blogging about their work and helping out on mailing lists, you can count on Arun Gupta, John Clingan (Product Management, formerly from Sun), Pieter Humphrey (Product marketing, an Oracle "Classic" as Eduardo would say) and myself (Alexis) as your points of contact for anything GlassFish-related. As one of our once favorite coopetitor would say - onward!


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